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Tech Transfer Reports: Photonics/Optics
Deformable Mirrors Improve High-Energy Laser Accuracy

The Missile Defense Agency-funded Optical Physics Company (Calabasas, CA) has developed a new generation of deformable mirror systems that minimize unwanted surface distortion caused by...

A technology initially designed to lubricate aircraft parts could lead to more durable nonstick cookware and prosthetic bone-repair implants.

Unlike alkaline batteries used in common consumer electronic items, thermal batteries are inert, solid-state devices that do not rely on liquid electrolytes, which can corrode or leak from...

A free-space optical laser communications technology that can compensate for atmospheric distortions in real time might soon break the bandwidth bottleneck for...

Cornerstone Research Group (Dayton, OH) has developed an organic, polymer-based material that can be directly applied to any circuit board — as well as other metal- and...

Tech Transfer Reports: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Mass Spectrometer Saves Power While Tracking Harmful Substances

British researchers who received R&D assistance from the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) are marketing a new tool that could zero in on toxic chemicals in baby formula, lead...

Tech Transfer Reports: Materials
Shape-Memory Material Could Improve Prosthetics

A shape-memory composite material developed for satellite antennas could prove useful in prosthetics and next-generation ski boots. The material, identified by the trade name TEMBO®, was...

Tech Transfer Reports: Photonics/Optics
Commercial Spinoffs from Military R&D Programs

A near-infrared (NIR) detector with single-photon sensitivity can be used to improve many applications, from better eye-safe lasers to speeding up tomorrow’s optical computers.

Tech Transfer Reports: Data Acquisition
Web-Based Software Uses Patient Data to Diagnose Cancer

Physicians may soon be able to better prevent and more accurately diagnose breast cancer with the help of battlefield planning software designed for missile defense.


Tech Transfer Reports: Information Technology
Information Technology Helps Users Monitor Power Consumption

Buildings and factories are a lot like living creatures. Their mechanical systems, from elevators to manufacturing equipment, are like muscles. Specialized fluids and life-giving utilities such as water, natural gas, steam, and electricity course through their structure. And they...

Building next-generation aircraft may be a daunting task logistically, but using new software developed with Missile Defense Agency (MDA) funding could save manufacturers time, cost,...

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