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Aircraft simulation systems, server boards, rugged computers, and more.
Products: Electronics & Computers
CT Software Solutions

Volume Graphics (Charlotte, NC) announced the latest generation of its software solutions for non-destructive quality assurance with industrial...

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See how the shrinking of systems is impacting embedded computing design principles.
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Lange Couplers

The construction and port orientation of the Lange Coupler from SemiGen (Londonderry, NH) makes it useful as both a power combiner and splitter for RF and...

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Barometric Pressure Sensor

Bosch Sensortec (Reutlingen, Germany) has introduced a new high performance barometric pressure MEMS sensor, the BMP388. The BMP388 delivers...

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Advancements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) are accelerating as the technology matures from being research-orientated to being deployed in a wide range of products and services, such as autonomous vehicles. While...

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A reader asked our expert: What technology will spell the beginning of the end for the VME embedded computing platform?
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General Micro Systems
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
(800) 307-4863

General Micro Systems Inc. (GMS) recently announced that the U.S. Army will exclusively deploy powerful rugged server...

Products: Electronics & Computers
RF Cable

PIC Wire & Cable® (Sussex, WI), a Division of The Angelus Corporation, recently announced the launch of its new RFMATES ® ULTRALITE...

Products: Electronics & Computers

Rugged computing platform manufacturer Themis Computer® released its next-generation XR6 Rugged Enterprise Servers (RES) featuring the newest Intel® Xeon® Scalable...

INSIDER: Defense

A new class of apps and wireless devices used by private pilots are vulnerable to a wide range of security attacks, which in some scenarios could lead to catastrophic outcomes,...

INSIDER: Defense

Clean, potable water is one thing the world universally cannot live without. It hydrates. It cleans. It keeps us alive and well. That makes water very valuable to soldiers. However, as many mission...

INSIDER: Software

Suraj Kothari's talk of smartphone security quickly took a turn toward sabotage and worst-case scenarios. What happens, he asked, if a soldier's smartphone is hacked for its GPS...

Products: Electronics & Computers

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech (Cincinnati, OH) has introduced the PWS-8033M handheld computer that features an XScale PXA270 624-MHz processor with 3.7" transflective VGA TFT LCD, GPS, 802.11 WiFi,...

Articles: Electronics & Computers

Sensor-based imaging systems generate invaluable information for modern warfare, but a serious challenge exists to the timely use of that information. Data links that provide the transmission...

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