Keyword: Thermal management

Application Briefs: Imaging
The Cryogenic Thermal Subsystem’s most critical function is to provide cooling to maintain the detectors in two of the Roman Coronagraph Instrument’s cameras at sufficiently low temperatures of approximately minus 161o F, which will allow them to function with the required sensitivity.
Articles: Energy
Advanced thermal management is one of the keys to bringing directed energy weapons online and to allow them to operate at peak performance.
Articles: Electronics & Computers

As electronic technologies advance in defense and aerospace applications, heat fluxes are becoming larger and more centralized[1,2]. In order to...

News: Automotive

On Sept. 12, NASA will conduct the first test flight of its latest heatshield, the Adaptable Deployable Entry Placement Technology (ADEPT). ADEPT will launch from...

Articles: Aerospace

Two-phase cooling has been utilized in the electronics cooling industry for many decades, with possibly the most well-known adaptation being the heat pipe. Heat pipes are capillary-driven, two-phase devices that...

Articles: Aerospace

Heat pipes are a well-known thermal management solution used in computing applications. Nearly all laptop computers contain some number of heat pipes to effectively remove heat from heat generating...

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