Keyword: Vehicle integration

Articles: Aerospace
In the eVTOL marketplace there is no common ground yet regarding the number of propulsion modules.
Articles: Weapons Systems
To rapidly respond to new threats, the DoD has a mandate to adopt a Modular Open Systems Approach.
Technology Report: Electronics & Computers

Acknowledging the emergence of the “software-defined” vehicle, Tier 1 auto supplier ZF announced that it is in the process of developing a “middleware” platform...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Integrating different types of devices and materials could increase their functional density, improving the performance of electro-optic systems for sensor applications.
Articles: Aerospace

Artificial intelligence developments are set to fundamentally transform mobility, whether it is mobility of weapon payloads, supply deliveries, urban commuters, warehouse goods,...

Articles: Aerospace

The days of proprietary embedded computing systems in military systems are numbered. Proprietary systems, with the attendant vendor lock-in, tend to be platform specific, increasing the development and...

Briefs: Materials

Advanced composite materials are increasingly replacing metals in the aerospace industry as they offer weight-saving improvements such as high...

Articles: Energy

Current threats on our military forces have created a tremendous requirement for mobility as it relates to mission specifications. The objectives of onboard vehicle power (OBVP) are to develop,...

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