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Application Briefs: Unmanned Systems
Working alongside human-piloted aircraft, the AI-equipped Gambit military drone will enable pilots to see deeper into hostile airspace, detect threats first, and provide time and space for critical decisions and actions.
Technical Innovation: Manufacturing & Prototyping

California-based 3DEO unveiled in February its new metal 3D printing platform and patented technology, Saffron. The proprietary platform has been in development for the past five years....

Application Briefs: Aerospace
JetPack Aviation will begin training foreign military personnel in how to pilot and maintain their futuristic personal aerial vehicles.
Technology Report: Connectivity

With experiences ranging from being a hands-on engineer to managing multi-billion-dollar businesses to serving as a director in human services, “Sri Srinath is well suited to lead...

Application Briefs: Materials
An airfield matting system is designed to be more friendly to air and sea transport.
Articles: RF & Microwave Electronics
Learn all about the miniature satellites orbiting the Earth.
News: Test & Measurement

Quality management professionals across the global aerospace and defense community discuss the AS9100 international standard, audits, and equipment...

News: Propulsion

SAE International is inviting global participation in its AeroTech® aerospace and defense technology conference and exhibition, which is for the first...

Application Briefs: Data Acquisition
Latvian National Armed Forces have completed the installation of a new state-of-the-art team trainer for SPIKE missiles.
Articles: RF & Microwave Electronics
To maintain longer-range wireless communication, a new controller deploys robots that form antenna arrays.
Articles: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Learn about the most common bond systems for CBN wheels: resin, vitrified, and electroplated matrixes.
Briefs: Test & Measurement
Develop a comprehensive baseline for identifying, evaluating, and controlling occupational and environmental hazards associated with composite fibers.
News: Transportation

The Indianapolis 500 has long billed itself as “the greatest spectacle in racing,” but it’s difficult to imagine that cars racing at 120 mph (193 km/h) or more around the fabled “Brickyard”...

News: AR/AI

A wild boar can ruin a driver’s day — and a lot more. Hitting one of these fast-running (up to 25 mph/40 km/h) and heavy (up to 400 lb/181 kg in the southern U.S.) porkers when they dart...

Articles: Data Acquisition
Securing data shared and stored on the battlefield will require hardware with built-in cybersecurity features
Articles: Software
OEMs should consider replacing traditional, silo-based approaches to systems engineering with a model-based strategy.
Articles: Test & Measurement
Learn about the challenges that arise when you try to reverse-engineer the console configuration for a NATO E-3 AWACS.
Articles: Aerospace
A new radar prototype utilizes quantum entanglement as a method of object detection.
News: Manufacturing & Prototyping

The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Assn., in partnership with APA Search, has initiated a free platform to match automotive- and transportation-sector employers with industry employees...

News: Software

“I was a vehicle-dynamics engineer my entire career—but maybe not a good one, because they put me in charge of a self-driving car!” jokes Jason Fischer, chief engineer for the Cruise Origin, the autonomous...

Articles: Electronics & Computers
Satellites do not play a major role in the world’s Internet infrastructure...yet.
News: Materials

A Tel Aviv, Israel startup company is taking the now-familiar concept of aromatherapy to a new level. Saying its research into “active scents”...

Articles: Materials
With such great abundance, why is titanium so expensive?
Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Learn about the multistatic data that can be collected on maritime targets.
Articles: Energy
Helping to drive the AI trend is the availability of a new class of embedded AI processors.
News: Defense

Looking back on an organization’s history can help to give perspective and chart the path forward. SAE International, initially...

News: AR/AI

Houston-based HTX Labs, LLC was awarded with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II funding to continue adapting its EMPACT Virtual Reality (VR)...

Articles: Photonics/Optics

Sandia National Laboratories’ (Albuquerque, NM) Radar Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems enable a new product paradigm in radar capabilities...

News: Manned Systems

Over the past year, the aviation industry has consistently been in the news over unfortunate circumstances. One topic that has been highlighted as a potential failure point is automated systems in...

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