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Application Briefs: Defense
Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
Valencia, CA

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd., was recently chosen by Airbus to produce 3D printed...

Application Briefs: Defense
Levallois-Peret, France
+33 1 58 63 16 00

Saft was recently selected by Aero Vodochody Aerospace, a leading designer and manufacturer of military and civilian aircraft, for engine...

Articles: Aerospace

There is definitely a degree of overlap in the regional and business jet sectors, both in terms of airframes and the engines that power them. At the high end of the market are aircraft such as the...

Articles: Aerospace

Boeing and Airbus can hardly keep up with demand for 150-seat jets, and both have increased their own monthly production rates to well over 40 aircraft, stretching the capacity of the supply chain to the...

Articles: Aerospace

A turboelectric distributed propulsion (TeDP) system is a powertrain consisting of a turboshaft engine used solely to provide electrical power through a generator to electric motors driving...

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