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Application Briefs: Unmanned Systems
The Mars helicopter features six brushed DC motors.
Briefs: Energy
SiC fiber-reinforced SiC matrix composites are being evaluated for aircraft engine hot-section components.
Application Briefs: Aerospace
Marotta’s patented approach starts with a 3D CAD model of choice that can meet varying ranges of end application specifications.
News: Materials

SAE International is inviting global participation in its AeroTech® aerospace and defense technology conference and exhibition, which is for the first...

Articles: Aerospace
Innovation is carrying airborne technologies farther and higher than ever before, and avionic cooling practices have had to evolve to keep up.
Articles: Energy
The commercial aviation industry is taking critical steps towards zero-carbon aviation.
Application Briefs: Defense
Sky Power’s SRE180 test stand provides a test solution for the Wankel engine SP-180 SRE hybrid.
Road Ready: Energy

A day after a spirited mid-May drive by electric-vehicle (EV) proponent President Joe Biden, Ford revealed technical and market-focused details for the coming all-electric version of the F-150...

News: Design

A chief impediment for wider adoption of additive manufacturing long has been its potential for application in high-volume and high-throughput production. But continuing process and technique...

Articles: Materials
Brazing isn't efficient, says an industry expert, and it's time for a change.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
The advent of nanoparticle fuels enables new kinds of reactions, and new kinds of applications.
News: Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Although electric vehicles (EVs) currently comprise less than 2% of the U.S. light-vehicle market, the transportation sector is bursting with established companies and startup enterprises...

Application Briefs: Propulsion
A number of maxon's precision DC and BLDC motors were designed into the Perseverance rover.
Application Briefs: Aerospace
This effort will mark the first representative flight of an aerospike engine after many decades of research and abandoned flight efforts.
News: Green Design & Manufacturing

Marelli North America is offering a solution to the problem of interior air quality in shared-use/autonomous vehicles. The upgraded HVAC setup purifies passenger car cabin air, including the...

Articles: Software
Learn about the challenges that arise when you try to reverse-engineer the console configuration for a NATO E-3 AWACS.
News: Power

A panel of high-ranking transmission and driveline engineers projected outsized adoption for electric-axle (e-axle) technology, as well as significant expansion...

News: Software

Nearly a quarter-century ago, the Vertical Flight Society, a helicopter-industry group founded in 1943 as the American Helicopter Society, published a graphic dubbed “V/STOL Aircraft and...

Technology Report: Power

In an announcement signaling automakers’ continuing R&D efforts for internal-combustion propulsion, Mercedes-AMG said it is preparing to launch a new,...

Application Briefs: Test & Measurement
RPI UK has installed two integrated rotor measurement and assembly platforms (iMAPs) at Atlanta-based Delta Airlines;
Articles: Aerospace
Learn how digital twins improve the use and performance of robotic systems.
News: Nanotechnology

In the constantly evolving world of automaking, Dr. Karl Haider, Chief Commercial Officer of Tata Steel Europe (TSE) is certain of one thing: that steel will continue...

What We’re Driving: Propulsion

The 2020 Kia Telluride is one of the classic lightning-in-a-bottle models an automaker enjoys maybe once every couple of decades. Assertive-but-not-obnoxious styling combine with a vast cabin...

Articles: Software
A regenerative, high-temperature heat exchanger doubles the efficiency of low-power turbines.
Articles: Propulsion
Creep is an especially important consideration for engineers designing jet engine turbines.
News: Test & Measurement

On February 4, millions of people across China – some sheltering in place – watched the online-only launch of the Geely Icon SUV. As the China-based...

News: Power

Rolls-Royce officials in London are optimizing maintenance, service, and product development using data gleaned from its Trent aircraft...

Articles: Electronics & Computers
The continued use of reciprocating engines has limited the UAV market’s ability to reach its true growth potential.
Articles: Aerospace

A jet engine is the very definition of “mission-critical.” A critical failure could cause a serious accident that endangers hundreds of lives. To prevent this from happening,...

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