Keyword: Superconductors

Briefs: RF & Microwave Electronics
Devices created using this technology could be used for control and sending of qubit/quantum memory states to remote locations.
Briefs: Materials

High-temperature superconducting (HTS) YBCO wire is a versatile technology for a number of military and commercial applications. However, anticipated military applications such as...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers

The separation of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) tapes in filaments is a viable approach to reduce AC losses in HTS high-power...

Briefs: Materials
Some Advances in High-Temperature Superconductor Coatings

Several advances were made in a program focused on the science and technology of high-temperature superconductors [especially yttrium barium copper oxide ("YBCO")] deposited on normal electrical conductors. This program was part of a continuing effort to develop superconductor-coated...

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