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Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
A computational approach for action prediction can extend to machines and also promote further research in human prediction and intention sensing.
Articles: Aerospace
Learn the performance parameters that must be considered when choosing the optimum quartz crystal oscillator for a space application.
Articles: Communications
Satellites do not play a major role in the world’s Internet infrastructure...yet.
Briefs: Aerospace
This program evaluates agility maneuvers that may be employed within networks to mitigate the effect of cyber attacks.

As the military adopts more networked...

Application Briefs: Defense
Office of Naval Research
Arlington, VA

To improve the ability to detect and defeat adversary radars and anti-ship missiles, the Office of Naval Research (ONR)...

Briefs: Information Technology

A lightweight Web Service (WS) and a Web site interface have been developed that enable remote measurements of electronic devices as a “virtual laboratory.” Using...

Articles: Aerospace

Avital component for any military organization is the ability to communicate, share information and provide support for large, mobile groups of personnel anytime, anywhere. Satellite technology...

Briefs: Information Technology

Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking has changed the way users search for, send, and receive digital information over the Internet. Instead of relying on...

Briefs: Information Technology
Infrastructure for Development of Secure, Reliable Software

The Verification and Automated Reasoning research group at Cornell University has been building an infrastructure, comprising human expertise and computational resources, for the development of secure, reliable software for critical military applications. Such software includes...

Briefs: Information Technology

The term "Software Wind Tunnel" (SWiT) denotes an institution proposed to be established as a means of overcoming obstacles that, heretofore, have impeded technology transition in...

Application Briefs: RF & Microwave Electronics

Victims of Hurricane Katrina found peace of mind in the aftermath thanks to an inflatable antenna that enabled emergency satellite communications for displaced Mississippians.

Articles: Aerospace

The battlefield of the future will integrate all elements into one networked force, enabling communication among soldiers and commanders on the land, at sea, in the air,...

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