Keyword: Cybersecurity

Application Briefs: Communications
pureLiFi has announced a new deal to supply the US Army Europe and Africa with Kitefin™, a next generation optical wireless communication system
Briefs: Regulations/Standards
Learn about a cyber risk assessment methodology tailored for small UAVs.
Articles: Data Acquisition
Securing data shared and stored on the battlefield will require hardware with built-in cybersecurity features
Application Briefs: Data Acquisition
Learn about the The INTEGRITY-178 tuMP RTOS.
Articles: Data Acquisition
Learn how to fully implement a Secure Private Neural Network.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
A new era of Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCV) is about to begin
Briefs: Connectivity
The Impact of Cyber Cameras on the Intelligence Community
The ability to covertly access and manipulate cyber cameras could provide valuable strategic data for the US intelligence community.
Briefs: Defense
This research involves a multi-perspective analysis of the WannaCry ransomware in the form of a cybersecurity exercise.
Articles: Aerospace

U.S. rival countries have been rapidly modernizing their militaries, with publicized advances that pose credible challenges to U.S. supremacy in all aspects of warfare: air, land, sea, space and...

Briefs: Data Acquisition
Maintaining Enterprise Resiliency Via Kaleidoscopic Adaption and Transformation of Software Services (MEERKATS)

This research investigates a new vision for increasing the resilience of computing clouds by elevating continuous change, evolution, and misinformation as first-rate design principles of the cloud's infrastructure. The work is...

Articles: Aerospace
The Threat

In today’s interconnected world, the information that we generate, store, transmit, and receive has become a valuable commodity. We have increasingly turned to cryptography as a tool...

Articles: Aerospace

Not too many years ago, network security was a relatively low level priority in most organizations. That has changed today due to such high level failures as the recent breaches at Sony and Target. Closer to home,...

Briefs: Aerospace

Enterprise business processes are more connected than ever before, driven by the ability to share the right information with the right partners at the right time. While this...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers

A need exists for small, autonomic systems in the battlefield. Autonomy allows the creation of unmanned systems to perform complex, high-risk, and/or covert operations in the battlefield without the need...

Briefs: Information Technology
Infrastructure for Development of Secure, Reliable Software

The Verification and Automated Reasoning research group at Cornell University has been building an infrastructure, comprising human expertise and computational resources, for the development of secure, reliable software for critical military applications. Such software includes...

Briefs: Information Technology

A formal model has been devised to impart some mathematical rigor to the concept of the attack surface of a software system. Complementing the model is a definition of a quantitative...

Briefs: Information Technology
Explicitly Timed Authorization Logic

A document describes explicitly timed authorization logic (nicknamed "η-logic"). In prior authorization logics, it is, variously, impossible or difficult to handle time explicitly; express security policies that involve complex, time-dependent relationships; or reason accurately about time. By enabling...

Briefs: Information Technology

An improved method has been devised for defending a server or other computer against a code-injection attack, in which an attacker exploits a hardware or software vulnerability to inject...

Briefs: Photonics/Optics

Perfect information- theoretical security requires that the meaning of an encrypted message transmitted from point A to point B be statistically independent of the ciphertext in which that message...

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