White Paper: Test & Measurement

A New Spectral Analysis System Designed to Measure High-performance Optical Filters


An increased demand for high-performance optical filters with edge transitions steeper than 0.5% of edge wavelength from 90% transmission to OD6 (-60dB), wide-range blocking beyond OD6, and ultra-narrow filters with sub-nanometer bandwidths has driven recent advancements in thin-film design and coating technologies. However, measuring the true spectral performance of these filters is particularly challenging due to the inherent limitations of standard spectrophotometers and other grating-based measurement systems.

For this reason, many thin-film manufacturers have started utilizing tunable lasers, custom-built spectrophotometers, and other advanced methods to obtain more accurate measurements.

Unfortunately, many of these solutions can be cost-prohibitive, sensitive to misalignment, or have a limited wavelength range, so they are not ideal for use in a high-volume manufacturing scenario.

Alluxa has developed a custom spectral analysis system that is capable of accurately measuring the highest-performance optical filters, while still being robust enough for use in a high-volume manufacturing setting. This white paper describes the HELIX System and why it is an essential tool for evaluating true optical filter performance.

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