White Paper: Test & Measurement

RF & Bench Essentials Reference Guide


Much has been written, published, and presented about the basics of RF and wireless fundamentals. Basics are often told from the perspective of reviewing academic concepts focusing on design optimization. This reference guide attempts to bring you back to some of the essential elements of both digital and RF testing and measurement.

While test tools play an important part of any technician or engineer’s bench, those who are not using them all of the time – or only come back to them once a design is received back as a prototype – might not have a ready grasp of common measurement tool fundamentals.

Focused on the practical measurement basics and essentials as they relate to choosing and/or setting up each measurement tool found on a common RF bench, this guide should sit close by as you embark on setting up or getting back to the bench for basic and more common measurements. Covering a wide range of both time domain and RF test equipment, most tools you would want to understand in a little more detail should be covered here.

In addition to explaining some of the common specifications you will see from test equipment manufacturers, this reference guide can also be a gateway to dig into some of the details contained in a more in-depth fundamentals or primers guide on specific measurement instruments.

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