White Paper: Test & Measurement

Powering Ultra High-End Data Acquisition at Swabian Instruments


Swabian Instruments GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, was founded in 2016 by Helmut Fedder, Michael Schlagmüller, and Markus Wick as a spin-off from the Physics Department at the University of Stuttgart.

The “Time Tagger Series” from Swabian Instruments is emerging as one of the most powerful data acquisition tools used by the physics research community—from quantum optics to biophysics.

Building a cutting-edge piece of measurement and test equipment is not easy. By leveraging an off-the-shelf FPGA module from Opal Kelly and building their application on top of the FrontPanel SDK, Swabian Instruments has been able to focus on delivering a vital tool to the research community without sacrificing their high-value resources on building the foundations.

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