White Paper: Test & Measurement

Learn About the Challenges in Field Test Sound Measuring


Noise reduction is vital with off-highway equipment. Test data shows how much noise a product produces and assists manufacturers in meeting noise level requirements. The ISO standard 3744 environment for sound measurement over a flat plane requires an open space with no bounding or reflecting surfaces other than reflecting planes, like those provided by a hemi-anechoic chamber. Multi-Wing’s white paper was developed to help engineers understand the challenges associated with sound measurement in field tests. Conditions for sound measurements are often not ideal. A parking area is typically not a true free-field space. There are buildings, cars and other surfaces that reflect or absorb sound. This white paper illustrates the complexities of sound measurement. In addition to providing an example of a simplified approach to sound propagation, the white paper describes sound propagation in ideal and real-world conditions. A video demonstrating sound measurement in a real-world environment is also available.

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