Sensors/Data Acquisition

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Accel-RF Instruments (ARF) has developed a test system capable of measuring reliability under a variety of conditions for switching power applications up to 1kV (off) and 25A (on) at a up to 1-MHz switching frequency (depending on high voltage level). By leveraging our existing RF burn-in tray platform, support for testing of multiple devices under elevated temperature stimulus in a small physical area is efficiently facilitated.

Reliability of these new technologies and techniques is critical for realizing practical applications. While Silicon devices have a rich history of proven reliability, these newer compound semiconductor technologies are too new to have a reliability history and have not been well proven. Further, process variations, even in well-controlled lines, yield widely varying results. This has driven the need for additional testing and to burn-in devices prior to delivery.

The ARF power switching system includes provision for supporting real life hard-switching application circuit testing. In this case, the challenge is simulating a large “load” condition without having to dissipate that power locally. ARF has developed a technique using recirculating currents in which the device and load operate in tandem to emulate the full stress on the device under test (DUT) while only dissipating the power that would normally be residual in the application (i.e. a high-power load is not required).