White Paper: AR/AI

Status Update + Latest Innovations in High-level Synthesis, Verification & Rtl Low-power


Catapult® High-Level Synthesis (HLS) is hot in markets like Deep Learning/AI, Computer Vision, Communication (5G, IoT), and Video, just to name a few. Designing at the C++ or SystemC-level with a fast path to highest QofR (performance, area and power) for both FPGA and ASIC. Catapult’s ecosystem is more than just “C to RTL”, with HLSaware code and functional coverage similar to System Verilog, and formal equivalence checking, enabling competitive differentiation and accelerated time-to-market. Having a complete low-power methodology from block to SoC whether starting from C or RTL with PowerPro® is also critical in emerging ultra-low-power sensitive markets. This resource will help you find key sessions-panels at DAC from researchers, customers, and our expert technologists; and various resources detailing the recent innovations in HLS, Verification, and RTL Low-Power since DAC 2019.

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