White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Source Control, Git, and Industrial Automation


Source control systems have become ubiquitous in the IT world but have not become a major component of operational technology (in particular, PLC programming). There is an increasing, popular movement in the industrial manufacturing world to bring modern source control systems to PLC programming.

File management using USB sticks and archive folders with "project_name_date" just isn't sustainable or responsible in an industry undergoing the current digital transformation. Copia Automation is introducing a solution built on Git, the most popular source control system, because it’s easy to adopt and use, low cost, and provides short- and long-term benefits that can all be tied to an enhanced developer experience and increased ROI.

Utilizing Git-based version control differentiates Copia from other tools on the market, as it provides:

  • Revision history with context: meaningful snapshots to easily identify who changed code, when, and why, for easy traceability and recoverability
  • Simultaneous, conflict-free collaboration: branching allows multiple people to work on the same project at the same time
  • Secure, centralized storage systems: cloud or on-premise repositories replace unreliable archive folders

Plus, Copia is designed to work with organizations’ existing tools and workflows – no integrations, reinstallations, or plug-ins necessary. Learn more about Git and source control and the benefits it can bring to industrial automation organizations.

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