White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Renishaw Reduces Machining Time for Aerospace Impeller Manufacturer


Honeywell Aerospace produces a large number of the impellers and blisks used in commercial airplanes. The impellers, which are essentially radial and axial compressors, rely on a workpiece datum being maintained throughout the machining process to ensure that they are suitable for use. If the workpiece datum point is not maintained, the impeller will be considered incompatible and will require rework, repair, or scrapping entirely.

Honeywell met with Renishaw to discuss the possibility of using a high-precision compact touch probe, along with Renishaw software, to measure the parts prior to machining and detect any misalignment so that they can be corrected before machining.

Renishaw supplied a RMP600 high-accuracy machine tool probing system and Productivity+™ PC-based inspection software for machining centers. The technology allows Honeywell to take measurements prior to machining and detect any axial displacement early in the process. The system offered all the benefits of automated job setup and had the capacity to measure the geometry of complex 3D parts such as impellers.

With the help of Renishaw’s probe and software, Honeywell can be sure that the machining process will run as expected. Before implementing the new technology, the machine operator would fit the part, set the gage, and state the diameter and the faces. If any of this information was missed, inaccurate, or if the fixture was damaged, the final product would not be suitable. Now, Honeywell can correct any defects by detecting them in advance.

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