White Paper: Robotics, Automation & Control

E-Book - Virtual Commissioning: Why New Designs Fail


Today's production systems require extensive development and validation to meet the needs of the highly competitive manufacturing industry. This is a high-risk activity and manufacturers must adhere to very tight schedules and budgetary constraints when deploying these upgrades and new systems.

Virtual commissioning is a solution. It allows production planners to start developing and validating systems using simulation before any physical commissioning occurs. It also empowers manufacturers to make better decisions, reducing both costs and the risk of long production delays. This report endeavors to provide guidance on adopting virtual commissioning and addresses several deployment issues.


  • Read about the change drivers for organizations that are developing and commissioning production systems.
  • See how the people, processes, and technologies associated with virtual commissioning affect manufacturing decisions.
  • Understand the paths to value for virtual commissioning, including reduced development times and lowered costs.

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