White Paper: Physical Sciences

White Paper: Lubrication for Linear Roller Bearings and Raceways


Linear roller bearing systems offer distinct advantages in applications where high speed or quick change of direction is required. Due to larger diameters, they also perform well in contaminated environments where they roll over or “push” particulates from the raceway. However, due to the nature of the design having both steel bearing races and a steel linear raceway, lubrication must be present to minimize the results of this metal-to-metal contact and extend the life of the system.

This white paper examines and instructs on the proper use of lubricants with the linear roller bearing systems manufactured by PBC Linear. The paper gives further in-depth guidance regarding lubrication on internal rollers and raceways/guideways, as well as when and what types of lubrication are best suited for applications to minimize corrosion and maximize the life of linear roller bearing systems.

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