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NH/NS Linear Guides Technology


For designers and engineers of industrial machines that employ linear motion functions, achieving high load capacities, high speed positioning accuracy, and a compact form factor is the holy grail. If such a component can substantially extend service intervals, even in highly contaminated environments, the end result is a dramatic savings in maintenance and replacement costs. These are the outcomes NSK targeted – and achieved – with the NH/NS-Series linear guide.

In the field, NH/NS linear guides have demonstrated twice the service life of conventional products, with a load rating 1.3 times greater than conventional linear guides. However, with the addition of an NSK K1™ lubrication unit, that service interval is extended by a factor of 10. The K1™ lubrication unit is a component that combines oil and resin in a single unit. The porous resin contains a generous load of lubricant. Its surface, in contact with the raceway of a rail close to the ball contact point, continuously supplies fresh oil and ensures optimum lubrication for continuous, smooth and efficient operation. In conjunction with the increase in load rating, NH/NS linear guides enable machine design to be downsized, further enhancing energy efficiency, space utilization, and increased design flexibility.

NH/NS linear guides are used for a broad range of applications in factory automation, machine tool, transfer/gantry systems, packaging equipment, medical and laboratory technology, semiconductor and woodworking machinery.

Further Information

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