White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

I/O for the IIoT


In an era of increasing connectivity and technical capabilities, it seems like simple ideas should be simple to achieve. But IIoT projects, even simple ones, are still expensive, demand special skills, and involve many steps. This white paper, I/O for the IIoT, addresses these challenges and outlines suggestions to achieve simplicity, security, and cost-effectiveness for your IIoT projects.

The white paper introduces you to edge I/O technology and outlines three scenarios where it provides a clear solution for improving I/O connectivity: logging temperature data, measuring equipment on-time, and controlling basic devices. You’ll see how these go from complicated, costly projects to simple applications.

Learn about what makes edge I/O the ideal problem-solver:

  • Easy to specify
  • Industrial and compact
  • Web-based configuration
  • Embedded software
  • Built-in security

Download the white paper now to get more details about these important features and how they can help you address your device and equipment integration needs.

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