White Paper: Manufacturing & Prototyping

7 Key Challenges for BEV/PHEV/PEV Large Scale Adoption


Large scale electrified vehicle adoption is both necessary and exciting, as it enables fleets to meet fuel efficiency mandates and brings advanced performance capabilities to a wider set of consumers. Some projections suggest battery electric vehicle cost parity with conventional vehicles starting as early as 2025 for short-range use. Yet in order for this to happen, batteries must overcome several significant challenges. The industry is looking for answers on a wide variety of topics, including how infrastructure will meet demand and what role PHEV will play in the long term.

In the end, performance is much more about the perfect powertrain architecture than the perfect battery pack, but addressing battery-related issues is a critical part of embracing the full potential of what electrification can add to overall mobility.

Learn more about the 7 key battery-related challenges the industry is currently discussing, and how HORIBA can help.

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