White Paper: Imaging

Imaging in Challenging Lighting Conditions — A Better Way


Choosing just the right camera for a particular application can be difficult. Common camera specifications that are normally considered include resolution and frame rate. However, lighting is an external factor that is potentially even more important to consider. In situations where lighting may be inconsistent, dynamic range and gain are crucial factors in capturing a successful image.

This document highlights how high conversion gain (HCG) and low conversion gain (LCG) camera capabilities can be beneficial in challenging lighting conditions, along with examples of imaging applications where these challenges commonly occur.

For example, with traffic applications such as speed and toll enforcement, the Sun’s position can affect the angle that light hits the camera. At certain angles, strongly reflected light into the sensor can cause overexposed areas. A variety of weather conditions like rain, clouds, fog, humidity, snow, and condensation can also cause a great deal of change in lighting that impacts images.

The HCG/LCG modes offer greater detail for challenging surfaces such as license plates which can be highly reflective on sunny days or improve visibility in low light to identify the number of passing vehicles.

Imaging Optics

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