White Paper: Imaging

Fused AEB With Thermal Can Save Lives


For several years, Teledyne FLIR (formerly FLIR Systems Inc.) has been working with auto manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to assist in the development of cutting-edge ADAS and AV Systems with thermal Far Infrared (FIR) in the sensor suite. FLIR engaged VSI Labs (VSI) to develop and test the world’s first fused AEB sensor suite that employed a thermal longwave infrared (LWIR) camera, a radar, a visible camera, and a convolutional neural network (CNN). The fused thermal AEB system was successful in 25 of 25 day and night tests at American Center for Mobility at effectively preventing pedestrian injury with only two instances where the vehicle contacted, but did not knock down the SPT (soft pedestrian target). The four commercially available AEB systems that were also tested had positive performance in daytime tests (42 passed out of 50 tests), but did not perform well in the nighttime tests, striking the SPT in all but two test cases.

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