White Paper: Motion Control

White Paper: Eliminating Artifact Lines with Consistent Linear Motion


There is great need for linear guidance systems that provide consistent repeatable performance in the field of large format digital image scanning such as architectural drawings, mapping, and medical x-rays. In addition, output devices continue to increase in resolution, making the need for clean scans and output without the interference of artifact lines essential.

This white paper compares data on a traditional type of slide built from components versus our Uni-Guide linear guide system. We discuss the basics of linear slide accuracy and the factors contributing to consistent torque, along with a comparison of slide options, and a rail report and analysis. The one-piece rails of Uni-Guide have an inherent accuracy built into the design that cannot be duplicated with the built-up components of traditional dual rail systems. This helps to eliminate tolerance stack up, dampen vibration and shock loads, and make installation easy.

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