White Paper: Medical

Superior Alloys for Innovative Medical Implant Devices


Precision rolling and shaping of stainless steels and special metals plays an integral role in creating life-saving medical devices. With industry-leading dimensional control, real-time gauging, and Statistical Process Control (SPC), Ulbrich produces products to the exact specifications necessary for your medical implants. Our wide offering of alloys, combined with our world-class service, makes us the go-to steel and metal supplier for medical device manufacturers in the world.

Ulbrich alloys are on the front line in the fight to stay healthy. Our wire products are drawn from the highest quality domestic and imported grades of stainless steel rod, then tempered through cold working to help you achieve the desired torque, column strength, and multiple curve capabilities required for these cutting edge applications. Our strip and foil products are manufactured and rolled to the tightest tolerances, allowing them to be used in applications where precision, strength, and durability are unparalleled. We have spent the last century working with our customers to design a custom product that works for any application.

In addition to our large inventory of biocompatible titanium and titanium alloys, corrosion-resistant stainless steels, and pure nickel, the Ulbrich team can assist companies with ongoing developmental design efforts while providing technical proficiency, commercial expertise, and a consistent supply of steel and alloys. At Ulbrich, we’re always looking for ways to innovate your medical devices.

Trusted and relied upon by OEMs in the medical space, Ulbrich combines its metallurgical expertise and machine capabilities to create alloys with optimal characteristics for your devices. Whether your product will be exposed to corrosive environments or require biocompatibility for a medical implant application, Ulbrich has the experience and manufacturing knowledge to serve your precision manufacturing needs.

Download our Medical Implant Capability Whitepaper to learn more about the different medical grade alloys available and their typical uses within the world of implantable devices.

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