White Paper: Aerospace

Alloys for Aerospace


Since the beginning of commercial jet travel and space exploration, Ulbrich has been providing high-quality precision rolled alloys to the aerospace industry. As commercial and defense aviation advance, so does Ulbrich's ability to provide lightweight, high-strength, and heat-resistant materials that allow planes to fly more efficiently than ever. Our extensive metallurgical sta­ff will assist you in providing various stainless, nickel, titanium, and cobalt alloys in the form of precision rolled strip, foil, flat, round, and shaped wire for all your aerospace needs.

We understand that aerospace applications can present challenging problems for engineers and product development teams to overcome. Ulbrich has a long, rich history of helping our customers identify the right materials with the right characteristics that can withstand and perform in the most challenging of conditions.

To ensure quality, there needs to be consistency in the material properties and manufacturing process. Tailored especially to your end use, Ulbrich knows your products need repeatable rolling, slitting, annealing, and specific finishing processes. Ulbrich's unique capabilities allow us to engineer surface finishes to minimize the abrasiveness of the oxide, resulting in less tool wear and increasing the die life for our customers.

As innovation and time drive our technology forward, the need for new materials with tighter tolerances and precision characteristics increases. Ulbrich is here to shepherd in that future with you as your development partner. Our industry-leading strip, coil, foil, and wire products along with our slitting and shaping capabilities and material expertise are vital to commercial and military aerospace programs.

Download our Alloys for Aerospace Whitepaper to learn more about the different grade alloys available and the innovative leadership Ulbrich brings to the aerospace metals industry.


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