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Get Even More Out of Your EVs with Thermoplastics


One of the biggest obstacles facing electric vehicle development is finding a balance between high-performance components and safety. In a previous SAE Webinar, two DuPont experts discussed a durable, dependable solution to manage the challenges inherent in battery cell immersion cooling. The Webinar presented real-world examples of improved e-motor efficiency through the implementation of a hybrid metal/plastic bobbin design; however, new challenges lay ahead.

This 60-minute Webinar covers the latest methods to overcome additional battery cooling challenges. Topics include:

  • A new technology to manage tab cooling on EV batteries
  • Thermoplastics that can withstand heat shocks for use on bus bars in motor and power electronics
  • How engineering polymers can help solve xEV battery engineering concerns

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Giacomo Parisi, Global Marketing Director for Automotive Electrification, DuPont Mobility & Materials

Giacomo Parisi is the Global Marketing Director for Automotive Electrification in the Performance Materials business of DuPont. In this role, he manages the company’s new developments for xEV applications. He has more than 20 years of experience supporting customers in the use of engineering thermoplastics for electrical and electronic applications for automotive and non-automotive projects.

Fabrice Giaume, Global Technical Leader, Automotive Electrification and Autonomous Driving, DuPont Mobility & Materials

Fabrice Giaume is the Global Technical Leader for Automotive Electrification and Autonomous Driving in the Performance Materials business of DuPont. During the past two years, Fabrice led the design, equipment sourcing, and opening of the company’s automotive electrification Center of Excellence, a workspace and lab used to inspire and collaborate with xEV manufacturers.

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