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Next-Generation Specialty Fluids for Industrial Critical Cleaning: What You Need to Know


As the world transitions to environmentally preferred solutions to achieve net zero carbon emissions, regulatory pressure is starting to grow around the use of TCE (trichloroethylene) and nPB (n-propyl bromide) for vapor degreaser cleaning. In this 30-minute Webinar, experts discuss today’s changing standards and provide suggestions for the most effective, affordable, and environmentally sustainable replacements. They outline the evolution of precision cleaning fluids and explain the safety, performance, and environmental benefits of switching to a modern HFO-based cleaning fluid. Numerous before and after photos will be shown to demonstrate the cleaning effectiveness of these new low GWP (global warming potential) cleaning fluids on a variety of contaminants.

The Webinar also provides information on vapor degreasing equipment requirements, including necessary upgrades and modifications to existing equipment, and how to determine the most suitable, cost-effective cleaning fluids and methods.

Topics include:

  • Regulatory changes and the need to plan for a replacement cleaning fluid
  • How to choose the best cleaning fluid for your cleaning dilemma
  • The benefit of working with cleaning fluid experts to make a seamless transition

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


David Ferguson, Senior Technical Manager, Precision Cleaners, MicroCare
Michael Fraser, Technical Service Chemist, Chemours
Emily Peck, Senior Chemist, MicroCare


Bruce Bennett, Editor, Tech Briefs