altExpress Logic (San Diego, CA) recently announced the integration of the μSSL™ Security Stack from Cypherbridge® Systems. μSSL implements a standards-based solution to achieve chip-to-chip and chip-to-server interoperabilty across wired and wireless networks. Integrated with Express Logic’s NetX Duo™ TCP/IP stack for IPv4/IPv6 operation, μSSL offers users of Express Logic’s ThreadX® RTOS an ideal solution for security-critical networked systems.

μSSL brings secure connectivity to a wide variety of industrial, point-of-sale, instrumentation and metering, machine-to-machine, and standalone systems where a small-footprint, standards-based solution is required. Supported on CM3, ARM, MSP430 platforms, μSSL includes a crypto layer, interoperable SSL/TLS, network interface layer, and micro content server. Cypherbridge’s launch of the complete μSSL product family — its embedded SSL, SSH, as well as the μLoad™ secure bootloader, installer and distribution server — brings a full complement of security capabilities to embedded applications.

NetX Duo, Express Logic’s high-performance IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack TCP/IP product, is fully integrated with ThreadX and available for all supported processors. Designed with a unique Piconet™ architecture, NetX Duo stacks offer a zero-copy API that makes it a perfect

fit for today’s deeply embedded networked applications.

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