General Micro Systems (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) has introduced the “Raider” S705 Core 2 Duo®-based system. Raider is based on the GMS P70x module, a Core 2 Duo processor providing up to 2.16 GHz of power and 4 MB of L2 Cache, and up to 2 GB of 667 MHz DDR-2SDRAM. The S705 is available in a variety of configurations that are completely upgradeable and compatible along the Intel® migration path. To its power and expandability, Raider provides performance levels equal to full-size ATR systems.

ImageRaider supports up to six wireless radios on four to six antennae feeds. This built-in functionality enables simultaneous monitoring and tracking of phone, wireless, CDMA, TDMA, Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth. Other key features are Dual GigE with TCP/IP offloading engine, high-performance video, Dual Com ports with 232/422, four USB ports, full audio for VOIP applications, full BIT and EBIT testing, and thermal management for safe thermal operation.

The system has a versatile, small envelope (a single drive is 4.6" x 4.6" x 1.6" and weighs 2 lb.) with power requirements as low as 15 watts total. Raider’s suitability for rugged environments (- 40°C to +85°C, MIL-STD 810F), along with its ability to operate from a single voltage source (+16 to +28VDC), makes the S705 ideal for demanding applications. Two optional 256 GB solid-state disks can be fixed or removable, offering the ability to store ½ Terabyte of acquired data for security purposes in sensitive operations.

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