Designed to enable the use of PXI test modules in a LAN extensions for Instrumentation (LXI) environment, Pickering Interfaces' (Woburn, MA) 60-100 and 60-101 chassis are fully compliant with Functional Class C of the LXI standard. They allow 3U PXI switching modules to be supported in a LXI-compliant environment. The 60- 100 is suitable for modules occupying 7 or fewer slots, and the 60-101 can support up to 13 slots.

The chassis allow any of the large number of 3U PXI modules from Pickering Interfaces to be installed and controlled through a standardized Ethernet interface. The chassis are supplied with a generic IVI driver to control the PXI modules in accordance with the LXI specification, but also can be controlled through a kernel driver.

ImageThe solution allows complex switching systems to be implemented with LXI solutions thanks to the large range of reed, electromechanical, RF, programmable resistors, and optical modules available from Pickering Interfaces. The 60-100 also supports the range of BRIC high-density switching matrices.

Modules available for installation in the 60-100/101 chassis cover a large variety of switching functions, including simple switches, matrices, and multiplexers based on reed relay and electromechanical technology, which can switch from micro Amps to 40 A. A range of RF, microwave, and optical switching functions are supported, as well as some instrument functions such as variable resistor cards. This makes the 60-100 and 60-101 chassis into universal switching platforms.

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