Pentek, Inc. (Long Beach, CA) introduced the Model 7141-703 PMC/XMC module, featuring two 14-bit, 125 MHz A/Ds and a Xilinx Virtex-II Pro field programmable gate array (FPGA).

ImageIt is configured as a ruggedized module compliant with the ANSI/VITA 20 conduction- cooling specification and ANSI/VITA 42 XMC specification. The module is compatible with cPCI and VME baseboards, and is operable in harsh conditions (battleground SIGINT, etc). Features include augmented signal-to-noise characteristics and a 20 MHz increase in the sampling rate for wider bandwidth coverage. There are 4x serial ports; each is a 3.125 GHz bidirectional link interconnecting the module with the carrier board and providing 2.5 GB/sec full duplex operation. The module has an operating temperature of -40 to 70 °C. Two full-scale, +10 dBm, analog HF or IF inputs are delivered through front-panel SSMCX connectors.

Signals are transformer-coupled to two LTC2255, 14- bit A/D converters running at 125 MHz. Digitized output signals pass to a Virtex-II Pro FPGA for signal processing or routing to other module resources, such as quad digital downconverters; a digital upconverter with dual 16-bit 500 MHz D/A converters; 512 MB DDR SDRAM delay memory; and the PCI bus. The FPGA also functions as a control and status engine with data and programming interfaces. Two independent internal timing buses provide either a single clock or two different clock rates for the input and output signals.

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