The GigaTrack™ family of 2-GS/s track-and-hold amplifiers (THA) from Inphi® Corp. (Westlake Village, CA) delivers ultra-wide 18-GHz analog bandwidth.

The bandwidth, sample rate, and linearity make direct conversion and software-defined receivers possible, and help advance highsample- rate test and measurement equipment. The GigaTrack amplifiers operate from a single -5.2 V power supply and dissipates 1.3 W. They are available in a 49-pin ceramic ball-grid array and in 24-pin QFN packages. The devices are designed for engineers designing next-generation instrumentation, ATE, and military equipment. They enable engineers to replace numerous components in heterodyne receiver architectures with a track-and-hold and a high-samplerate ADC. A direct conversion receiver can serve multiple applications with system differentiation occurring in software or firmware. The GigaTrack family consists of four track-and-hold amplifiers with 2-GS/s sample rates. The ball-grid-array versions offer 18-GHz (small signal) and 15-GHZ (0.5V pp) input analog bandwidths, with settling times >60 ps and power consumption of 1.3 W. Plastic QFN versions offer 13-GHz analog bandwidth (100mV pp).

To deliver a wider hold time window for the downstream ADC, a master/ slave (dual) track-and-hold architecture was developed, increasing the hold time window to almost one full cycle of the THA. For users who want to sub-sample the output of the master track-and-hold with the slave trackand- hold, the 1821TH and 1321TH devices provide a flexible clock mode select pin that, in one mode, allows the user to provide different clocks to the master and slave track-and-holds. The devices feature total harmonic distortion of -70 dB typical at 1 GHz and 500 mV pp input, and aperture jitter <50 fs. By eliminating the need for two separate power supply voltages, the devices reduce power consumption.

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