Figure 4. This photo shows two upcoming solu- tions in one. The gold connectors are for RF sig- nals per the VITA 67 specification underway. Also shown is a VPX cabling solution with a shroud to secure the cables that clip into the backplane.
There are several reasons to use a cabling system in a deployed VPX platform. Many applications such as ATRs (air transport racks), may not have RTM (rear transition module) options. In some cases, the signal speeds through the RTM are not enough. In other designs, the system cannot afford to lose a slot of space to an IO slot. The VPX cabling system provides a rugged and robust alternative with a high-speed connection that is plugged directly into the MultiGig connector in single or multi-wafer formats.

OpenVPX provides definitions for VPX backplanes, modules, and chassis to ensure that the products are interoperable. The backplane configurations have been defined to show the collection of slot profiles it entails, including information on the data rate, routing topology, and fabric used. Exciting VPX/OpenVPX products have emerged that offer the performance solutions required in C4ISR systems.

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