Areport discusses a model developed to explain the unusual properties of polymer- derived ceramics (PDCs), which are so named because they are made by controlled pyrolysis of cross-linked polymers. PDCs are metastable ceramics that have potential to be further developed into high-temperature materials that can be tailored to have properties needed to perform specific functions. The PDCs studied thus far have comprised silicon, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. The unusual properties of PDCs are the following: They bear similarity to both polymers and metallic glasses, even though the pyrolysis temperatures used in producing them are with experimental data.

This work was done by Rishi Raj of the University of Colorado at Boulder for the Air Force Research Laboratory. For more information, download the Technical Support Package (free white paper) at www.defensetechbriefs.com/tsp under the Materials category. AFRL-0074

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Nanodomain Model of Polymer-Derived Ceramics (reference AFRL-0074) is currently available for download from the TSP library.

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