Tech Briefs

B-52/Missile Sustainment Group adopts AFRL-developed hydraulic fluid.

Operational commands consequently developed a requirement for a compatible, drain- and-fill hydraulic fluid with improved fire resistance and lowertemperature viscosity to replace MILPRF- 5606. AFRL scientists responded by employing a modified synthetic hydrocarbon, polyalphaolefin, to develop MIL-PRF- 87527, a fluid that extensive testing and evaluation have since proven is an appropriate replacement for MIL-PRF-5606.

AFRL scientists and engineers have continually sought to develop and promote improved fluids and lubricants for field application because of their safety, cost, and operational benefits to both the warfighter and the aircraft maintainer. With the conversion of the B-52 to a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, only a few AF aircraft continue to use the flammable, MIL-PRF-5606 fluid. AFRL experts hope that these aircraft will convert to one of the safer, superiorperforming, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids in the near future.

Mr. Carl E. Snyder, Jr., Ms. Lois J. Gschwender, Dr. Shashi K. Sharma, and Mr. Tim Anderl (Anteon Corporation), of the Air Force Research Laboratory 's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, wrote this article. For more information, contact TECH CONNECT at (800) 203-6451 or place a request at Reference document ML-04-31.