Times Microwave Systems (Wallingford, CT) has announced the availability of the 15th edition of the LMR® Wireless Products Catalog. The new catalog includes the entire range of LMR® cables including LMR-DB; LMR-FR; LMR-Ultraflex; LMR-LLPL and LMR-75, as well as TCOM® (low PIM cable); FBT® low loss, high power cables; T-RAD™ leaky feeder cables; and SilverLine™ Test Cables. Also included in this latest edition is the new Times-Protect™ line of innovative lightning surge protector products for RF equipment. LMR® cables are low loss, flexible, non-kinking RF transmission line cables that utilize easy-to-install connectors. They are suitable for use as antenna feeders, system jumpers and interconnects.

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This article first appeared in the February, 2011 issue of RF & Microwave Technology Magazine.

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