ZTEC Instruments (Orlando, FL) has furthered its expansion into the RF Test Equipment market with the introduction of the ZT8101 RF Test Set. The ZT8101 Test Set is comprised of three unique PXI instruments, the ZT8441 RF/IF Digitizer, the ZT8711 LO Synthesizer, and the ZT8611 RF Downconverter. The ZT8101 Test Set comes standard with: Ultrawide 150 MHz modulation bandwidth to meet current and future communication protocols including JTRS, WCDMA, LTE, and WiMax; vector signal analysis capability for complex digital modulation analysis including error vector magnitude (EVM) and adjacent channel power measurement; compatibility features for 3rd party RF instruments for frequency range extension; full-featured ZSignal Spectrum Analyzer GUI. Alone, the ZT8101 RF Test Set delivers general purpose, image free signal analysis up to 9GHz. Additionally, the ZT8101 can be paired with other third party instruments to provide frequency range extension to 26.5 GHz.

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