The SMART^E™ 5300 general-purpose test environment from Aeroflex (Plainview, NY) is a high-speed system for testing RF and microwave devices. The DC to 40 GHz system can test, monitor, and control any device under test within a single test environment. It features open system architecture and an intuitive user interface to write and program new tests and test sequences. Third-party modules and instruments can be added, and software measurement libraries enable set-up for turnkey testing. System-level calibration ensures that all modules and instruments are fully integrated to perform repetitive NIST-traceable measurements up to the interface of the device under test. The hardware modules and interfaces are based on industry-standard PXI, LXI, cPCI, and Ethernet.

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This article first appeared in the June, 2010 issue of RF & Microwave Technology Magazine.

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