The NT Series RF transceiver module from Linx Technologies (Merlin, OR) enables users to send and receive digital data in the 902 to 928 MHz band. Its True Transparency™ interface lets the user create a wireless wire for use with non-standard data rates, custom protocols, or encodings such as PWM and Manchester. The module features receive sensitivity up to −113 dBm, and low power consumption (19.2mA in receive mode and 15.2mA in transmit mode at 0dBm). The module reduces latency by transmitting raw data. To transfer data, the user connects circuitry to the input line of the sending transceiver and the output line of the receiving transceiver. The module is hardware-configurable and allows for communication and microcontroller programming over a UART connection, which lets the user implement a frequency agility scheme such as frequency hopping or listen-before-talk.

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