Averna (Montreal, QE, Canada) offers the RP- 5300, a field-ready, multi-channel RF recorder for RF applications covering 330 MHz to 2.5 GHz. It is suitable for both field testing and performance testing. With 50 MHz of recording bandwidth at 16 bits, it can record multiple GNSS signals in up to two bands (L1, L2, L5), such as GPS or GLONASS. The recorder captures multi-path, interference, and general degradation of signals. Capturing the segment of spectrum of interest, from minutes to hours, allows a technician to return to the lab with data necessary to diagnose the problem.

The RP-5300 comes preloaded with Averna’s RF Studio™ Recorder, which is workflow software for making RF recordings, managing collected data, and analyzing or playing back collected RF environments. The intended signals are captured during and after a recording session. Other features include up to 11 hours of recording time with external RAID (2x50 MHz channels @ 16-bit-depth), an integrated touchscreen display, and ruggedized chassis.

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