X-COM Systems, a subsidiary of Bird Technologies Group (Reston, VA), has introduced the 4CHVSG2000 four-channel arbitrary waveform vector signal generator that combines four independently programmable arbitrary waveform vector signal generators, each with dedicated, removable, 1-Tbyte solid-state drives for waveform storage. It is designed for testing multi-receiver or MIMO-enabled systems that require generation and playback of broadband signals with user-definable waveform sequences. The instrument can accept waveforms based on commercial wireless standards, custom waveforms, or any waveform sequence.

Each signal generator can independently play any sequence of waveforms up to 110 MHz in bandwidth over a frequency range of 50 MHz to 2 GHz. The VSG outputs can be phase-locked, independently varied in phase, or operated independently of each other in phase and frequency. It stores waveforms on solid-state drives with maximum data rates of 600 MB/s that can store from 22 to 66 minutes of data.

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