The Model PZD700A High-Voltage Power Amplifier

The Model PZD700A high-voltage power amplifier from TREK (Medina, NY) is suitable for electro-optics, MEMS, piezoelectric driving, and semiconductor applications. The amplifier provides a large signal bandwidth greater than 125 kHz and a small signal bandwidth greater than 200 kHz. The protected output ensures that the amplifier is safeguarded from incidental short circuits, arcing, or energy return from the load device. The amplifier provides output voltages in the programmable ranges of 0 to ±700V with an output current range of 0 to ±100 mA; 0 to +1.4 kV with ±50 mA; and 0 to -1.4 kV with ±50 mA. It features adjustable DC voltage gain, to 300 V/V, via a front panel potentiometer; controlled AC output signals; and four-quadrant class AB solid-state output stages.

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RF & Microwave Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the December, 2011 issue of RF & Microwave Technology Magazine.

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