The MobilCMDR Two-Way COFDM Diversity Handheld Receiver

Integrated Microwave Tech nologies (Mt. Olive, NJ) offers the MobilCMDR two-way COFDM Diversity handheld receiver, a DVBT compliant dual-diversity receiver for airborne downlinks and mobile vehicles. It offers H.264 decoding, and displays received video images on a built-in 9" display. It is available with AES decryption capabilities, and offers Ethernet monitoring for remote control access and IP encapsulation for Internet broadcast.

It delivers either SD or DH MPEG-2 video, and comes equipped with a compact chassis and optional recording capabilities. The unit is available in S-band and C-band frequency ranges, and allows multiple remote viewers to monitor the same video simultaneously. An administration software package allows users to configure and store up to 16 preset configurations.

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This article first appeared in the December, 2011 issue of RF & Microwave Technology Magazine.

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