The Lab Brick® LMS-203 and LMS-163 mini signal generators.

Vaunix Technology Corp. (Haverhill, MA) offers the Lab Brick® LMS-203 and LMS-163 mini signal generators that cover frequency ranges from 8 to 20 GHz. The LMS-203 operates from 10 to 20 GHz, and the LMS-163 operates from 8 to 16 GHz. Both feature low phase noise, 100-microsecond switching time, and 100-Hz frequency resolution. They also offer phase-continuous linear frequency sweeping, optional internal/ external pulse modulation, and a selectable internal/external 10- MHz reference.

Both models feature typical spurious at -80 dBc, with typical harmonics of -40 dBc and subharmonics at -25 dBc. They deliver at least +10 dBm output power, and can be adjusted over a 40 dB dynamic range, with 0.5 dB resolution. Pulse modulation offers internal or external triggering with pulse widths as low as 100 ns and pulse repetition intervals of 200 ns.

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