iWatt Inc. (Campbell, CA) has expanded its PrimAccurate(TM) pulse width modulation (PWM) controller platform to include two new power adapter chipsets that offer the company’s fastest standby recovery. The iW1766 + iW628 and iW1767 + iW628 chipsets provide ultra-low, <10mW standby power at up to 12W output power and <20mW standby at up to 24W output power (respectively). Power supplies that achieve low standby power typically do so by entering a standby operating mode. However, when a load is applied, they need to “wake up” quickly to keep the output voltage from dropping too low. Dynamic load response (DLR) is determined by the speed at which the system wakes up and responds to changes in the power load. The iW628 is an adaptive voltage position monitor designed specifically for use with the iW1766 and iW1767 to improve DLR. It sits on the secondary side of an isolated power supply and provides an ultra-fast “wake-up” signal to the primary-side regulator in the event of a sudden power load change.

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