Dawn VME Products (Fremont, CA) has introduced the CCE-3VX4 VPX CUBE, a ruggedized 4 slot conduction cooled enclosure for VPX 3U modules. Dawn's CCE-3VX4 VPX CUBE is designed to MIL-STD-810F, DO-160E and MIL-STD-461E standards, and is compliant with applicable VITA 46 (VPX), VITA 48 (REDI) and VITA 65 (OpenVPX) specifications. The VPX CUBE features 4 slots of 3U VPX on a 1" pitch high-bandwidth backplane and an integrated, wide temperature range 400 Watt power supply.

The chassis is cold plate base coupled conduction cooled. Its short and efficient thermal conductivity path provides for robust cooling performance and maximum power dissipation. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C. Full environmental sealing insures reliable, all-conditions operation. The backplane is Fabric Mapping Module (FMM) overlay ready and configurable to meet any data plane connection fabric. Front I/O mapping overlay enables signal path customization from card I/O, such as PMC and XMC, to front panel I/O interface connectors.

The I/O panel to backplane is interfaced via shielded differential connectors for applications from 3.125 Gb/s to 10+ Gb/s. The I/O panel connectors can be linked to optical as well as SMA and other RF connectors for application enhancement. Dawn's popular RuSH™ System Health Monitor technology for intelligent, precision monitoring and control of critical system performance parameters is embedded in the integrated power supply in the standard VPX CUBE configuration. Temperature, power supply voltage and current on all VS(n) and AUX rails are real-time monitored, with optional humidity monitoring available.

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