Austriamicrosystems (Unterpremstaetten, Austria) has announced the AS1119 dot-matrix driver. The AS1119 2 drives 144 LEDs but requires only 9mm PCB space,

reduces external component count, reduces connector pin count and requires fewer PCB layers. The AS1119 is targeted for dot matrix displays in mobile phones, personal electronics and toys.

An 8-bit analog current control allows fine tuning of each matrix to compensate for different brightness of different colors, or to adjust the white balance on RGB LEDs. The AS1119 incorporates 6 frames of memory for small animations or for use as a buffer to reduce host processor load, saving energy and processing time. The AS1119 also extends battery life by including an on-chip 320mA charge pump which is required when LEDs require a higher voltage than the battery can supply.

Other features include control via a 1 MHz I2C compatible interface, open and shorted LED error detection, and low-power shutdown current. Two modes of operation are offered making the AS1119 a very flexible part to design with — single/bicolor mode to drive the maximum number of LEDs in two 8x9 matrix, or the RGB mode offering three times 5×6 matrix, allowing white balance by adjusting the analog current in each matrix.

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